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We have a solid track history of taking the time with our clients right from the early stages, working on an initial brief and concepts. We maintain contact throughout the whole design and development process to ensure a project is produced to be the best it can be and conveys its message in the desired manner.

We pride ourselves on our ability to get into a clients mindset, take a grasp on their initial concepts to help guide, develop and enhance them into a great final end product, be that with a new logo or launching a website. Although our primary aim is to provide great work, it is also important for us to build great working relationships.

We are always on hand to offer additional support after a project launches and we welcome all clients to come back to us as and when we can assist with their future needs.

We like to offer ourselves as a one stop shop for all graphic design, web design and website development requirements. It's a fantastic feeling for us to know we've had a positive impact on working on a project right from the beginning. Helping provide a platform from which a clients success is made. Likewise working with those more established and changing their fortunes for the better is greatly rewarding. Farm Factory is proud to say that there are many examples of where we have done both.

A Four step process.

We more often than not break things down to four project milestones.

Planting Milestone 1

Obviously no-one knows the ins and outs of your project like you do. We like to meet and greet quite informally in order to learn more about you and your ideas whilst also letting you find out a bit more about us and what we have to offer.

Watering Milestone 2

With a better grasp of who you are and what you do, we work hard on a series of design concepts that are aimed to portray your project in the desired light. Then tailor the designs following your feedback until happy.

Growing Milestone 3

Design and concept are established but the end product still needs to be brought to the table. We will work tirelessly to ensure that function is equal to form. If it looks great but doesn’t work then it’s not doing its job and to that effect neither are we.

Harvesting Milestone 4

We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients always leave with a smile on their face along with the tools to turn their visions into a success. Their success stories are our success stories and our doors will always remain open to assist where we can.

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