The Contact Company

The Contact Company is a leading outsourced customer service provider in the UK.

Over the course of its first ten years they have grown exponentially, transforming from a small startup into a major player in the private sector. Recognising the need for an online presence that reflected their positive trajectory, they approached us for a brand new site.

The original website lacked visual appeal, with a predominantly grey color scheme and minimal imagery, mostly consisting of office buildings. Our primary goal was to inject vibrancy, colour, and most importantly, people into the design. We wanted to highlight The Contact Company's main USP, which is their UK-based team, who provide exceptional customer service. The aim was to portray them as friendly and engaging, making them an attractive choice for B2B customers. To achieve this, we focused on showcasing their expertise through an extensive range of case studies along with the bolder aesthetic.

Winning this project was a notable milestone for us, and we are excited to build a lasting relationship with The Contact Company's amazing team.

The website launched in May 2023.