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The rise in social media has never been higher and it's important to make it work for you and get your voice heard across varying platforms. We encourage our clients to fully embrace it and use it as often as possible as its marketing potential is huge as is its ability to target and grow your audience.

From a simple blog implemented within your site, to getting set up on the large networks such as Facebook and Twitter, we can help with your virtual shout outs. For many, the idea of getting involved with social media can be something of a daunting task. It's another thing to do on top of everything else, and if unfamiliar with it, we can appreciate how it may not appeal. If, however you can make it part of your routine then the benefits of doing so can be great and prove to be to be more than worth it. 
Some platforms are more favourable than others, and we can advise you as best we can to see what suits your needs, as there are many to choose from. 

We can link and produce live feeds from your chosen social networks into your site. This, along with generating interest in what you do will also have a positive knock on effect in how your site is indexed by the online search engines. The more social networking you can do, the more activity is registered on your site, which with good content will, with time, raise you through the search rankings and help you get noticed more easily.

To see some examples of social media platforms we have set up and styled for our clients just go to Our Work and to ask any questions go to Contact Us.

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Get your word heard on so many platforms

Social media sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become more and more important. If businesses are proactive with these social media tools, engaging people and other businesses then the search engines will see this activity and reward you with better rankings.

The more Facebook ‘Likes’, Twitter followers and Google +’s you can generate will all help. The more popular and active you appear will result in Google believing you to be more worth while within its rankings. Each ‘Like’, ‘+’ and follower is seen as a vote in your favour. With the ability to branch out and expand your audience, social media really does have the potential to be a powerful marketing tool for you and your business.

We can help set up and stylise your Facebook and Twitter pages ensuring they are personalised to match your branding. We can link your website to and from them, making it quicker and easier for the viewer to find you.


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Social Media 


Stay on top of things with monthly statistics

Search engines react positively to website that work along side social media platforms. Adding 'share' buttons to your blog or product pages to quickly adding them to your Twitter and Facebook page. Instantly sharing them with your followers and potentially their followers. Also having a Twitter feed on your website so your latest tweet is shown on your website. Keeping the viewer updated with news and events but also Google/Yahoo/Bing etc see that your website content is ever changing(active). Search engines like this and it also it provides them with potential new keywords that you maybe found by. 

You need to keep up to date with the statics of the website and how visits are generated by your work on social media platforms. For example monitoring results after adding pictures of finished projects to Facebook or Deals added to Twitter. By analysing results you can react to trends and see what platforms work best for you and your business.

Get in touch to get advice on how to best use social media to help you and your business.


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