Star International

Website and branding re-designed and re-developed

Star International offer marine products and services. They came to us for a full re-brand and re-development of their logo and website.

“Farm Factory have undeniably had a positive effect on our business with the work they have done for us.”



Star International offer marine products and services not only across the whole of the UK but also across the world. They were moving into a new building and wanted us to update their logo and branding. This needed to be done before they moved so it could be used for any new signs, vehicle graphics etc. Their original logo was a star jpg that was difficult to use on difficult formats and did not give the right image. 

We were also asked to redevelop their website, improving the look, feel and the content. While making sure it’s in keeping with the new logo and branding to keep continuity on all formats.

Along with the new site, we were required to enhance their online presence across social media platforms and design product information PDFs.  

Star International Logo and Branding



The original logo was a jpg image of a star next to their name 'Star International', so if it was made larger it would lose quality and blur. So we redesigned it as a vector so it could be scaled up to what ever size needed and it would keep it's quality for doing large signs and vehicle graphics.

We integrated the star into the name, helping to make the whole name the logo rather than to separate elements. They work and supply all over the world so we wanted to get this across by add a world map into the star. Also both parts of the name 'Star' and 'International' were visualised by the graphic. 


We redeveloped the new website as a CMS website, so they have the ability to update the content, editing text and updating imagery etc. The website was designed to promote their marine products and services to the viewer. It has a large catalogue of products that are easy to navigate around to get to the relevant product easily.

Each product has its own page that informs the viewer in more detail about it and has its own PDF downloads with more technical information. We developed a bespoke component so they can easily add these PDFs to any of the pages on the website and it will automatically add the down loads section to that page.

We also added some extra bespoke features like a ‘World Distribution Map’ feature. In which you can use it to navigate around the world finding out about Star International’s distributors in the different countries.

Social Media
We set up and branded their social media platforms. Adding a welcome page to their Facebook page that is formatted to included their graphics and messages from their website. Also we included the world map animation from the website to help illustrate all the ports they service across the world to any new visitors.

“We felt that it was time to promote Star International in a fresh manner that matched our high level of service.
What Farm Factory did to achieve this simply blew us away.”


The new branding and website has had a great response from their new and existing clients. Also Star International has grown rapidly since the new branding and website has been completely. Feeling that the combination of their quality services and new professional look has given them the edge over competitors and helping them to grown faster than expected. The website now relays more about their services and products to potentially new customers. Meaning they have seen an increase of enquiries through and because of the website. Also the website contains product information downloads which has become a time saving tool. By referring clients to the website rather than having to mail or email the information each time.

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